Clemens & Spencer traces its roots back to 1901, when the firm was established. J. O. Terrell and his oldest son, Marshall W. Terrell, founded the firm, then known as Terrell & Terrell, when they became partners.

Ernest W. Clemens, a graduate of the University of Texas and Harvard Law School, joined the firm in 1922 and remained with the firm until his death in 1978. His 56 years was the longest tenure of a member in the firm’s history. In November 1948, George H. Spencer, Sr. joined the firm after graduation from the University of Texas Law School. In 1957 Mr. Spencer became a shareholder and the firm was known as Clemens, Knight, Weiss & Spencer. The firm’s present name, Clemens & Spencer, was adopted in 1990. George H. Spencer, Sr. retired in 1998, after 50 years with the firm.

Clemens & Spencer has a history rich with tradition and achievement. Many of Clemens & Spencer’s attorneys have gone on to become state and federal judges. In 1987, firm shareholder Emilio M. Garza was appointed Judge of the 225th District Court, and a year later, he was appointed to the United States District Court for the Western District of Texas by President George H. W. Bush. In 1991, Emilio M. Garza was appointed to the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

More recently, in 1998, firm shareholder Phylis J. Speedlin was appointed Judge of the 408th District Court of Bexar County by then Governor Bush. Judge Speedlin later became a Justice of the Texas Fourth Court of Appeals.

Clemens & Spencer stands today as one of the premiere litigation law firms in South Central Texas. Following the virtues extolled and the qualities exemplified by our firm’s founders and sustaining shareholders, Clemens & Spencer successfully and ethically represents its clients in both state and federal courts throughout the state of Texas.